Nipplegate - Conclusion

The impact of Nipplegate has been far greater than anyone could have imagined. The whitewashing of terrestrial radio led Howard Stern and Bubba the Love Sponge to Sirius and helped fortify Opie & Anthony's move to XM. Satellite radio has continued to soar in landing new subscribers as conventional FM and AM stations have suffered from the defections.

TiVo has gone on to spawn several digital video recorder imitators but when Nipplegate became "the most Tivo'd moment in history" it quickly became a "must have" home entertainment appliance.

Yes, televisions broadcasts were cleaned up. Racy soap operas were made less risqué. The next two halftime shows featured more archaic rockers (Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney) with delays to nip any incidents before they aired worldwide.

The broadcasting world grew up in a hurry, sending viewers and listeners in many different directions to find the specialized content that they coveted. Yes, Nipplegate changed everything. For better or for worse, thank you Justin and Janet.





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